12-Volt Linear Actuators

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12-Volt Actuators

Browse the wide selection of 12 volt linear actuators here to find one that meets your needs. We carry popular linear actuators from manufacturers like THK, Warner Linear, Northern Industrial, and Duff-Norton. Also check out our linear motion guides page for more choices.

A linear actuator is designed to be a powerful linear motion motor, and is widely used in automotive applications, such as automatically opening or closing a heavy slide door or rear hatch. Less powerful actuators operate power door locks. Actuators have many other practical uses, such as industrial robotics, underwater and space exploration, and fine laser optic adjustments.

A 12v linear actuator will normally be comprised of a DC-voltage motor, that is connected to a screw drive, to which a ball nut head follows up or down in a linear fashion. Linkage is attached to the nut, providing useful linear motion. Though they are normally designed to move in a purposeful and controlled manner, these actuators can be quite powerful. A limiter switch should be installed to prevent the acutator from extending past the desired movement range, or damage could occur to the application. When choosing a linear actuator, specific considerations include desired length of motion, power, motion speed, and how tight or accurate the tolerance needs to be for a given application. There are vast differences in various electric linear actuators, and the specific requirements for any given project need to be weighed accordingly.

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